Are Your Shadows In Your Model Just Not Right?

Do you ever create a model and the shadow that gets projected onto the floor isn't in the direction you would like?  Well its simple to fix this graphical issue in two steps.  Here is a model where the shadow just doesn't look right, it needs to be rotated:

Shadow 1



To me the part looks to be on its side, so when I rotate the part, the shadow ends up disappearing:

Shadow 2

With the model in the orientation I want, all I have to do to get the shadow to appear how I like is to toggle the "Shadows In Shaded Mode" button off, then back on (Highlighted):

Shadow 3

I now have the shadow that looks correct to me.  This trick works in both realview and non realview modes.  You can add the Shadows In Shaded Mode button to any toolbar by dragging it from the customize tools menu (right click any toolbar and click customize):

Shadow 4

You can make this change as many times as you like, and as often as you want!

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