DXF Entity Mapping for SolidWorks

Is there any way to alter the output line color of a DXF save for sheet metal parts from white to any other color? The answer is yes and you don’t have to be Magellan. Use the SolidWorks DXF Entity Mapping to save your company many hours of time. To export a DXF file of a sheet metal flat pattern, save it like normal, then chose “Options” in the Save As… dialog box. Here you will notice a host of options, but the most important one is the Mapping choice. Flip this switch on the on position and close the Options box. When you save the file, you will get a box that pops up that asks you to translate SolidWorks Entity types to DXF layers, colors and line-type. Save this mapping file out in a central location that everybody in the company can access. The next time you export a DXF file, go back to Options to tell it not to ask you again for the mapping information so the save process is transparent. A quick tips is to create a DXF/DWG mapping file for each piece of equipment that requires different mapping or for customers that you work with that need DWG/DXF, typically for schematics or plant layouts.

One of my customers has indicated that it is a bit cumbersome with the large volume of DXF files to change the color every time after export. The reason for the color change is that their CAM/Laser/Waterjet systems all use white as a highlight color, so creating machining/laser files is not practical when you can’t tell what is/isn’t selected. This will save time when exporting DXF output! Watch the video below for a full description of the mapping process. Happy trails!

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